Fall 2019 Courses

Leadership Development
2nd Year Full-Time MBA OB Core Course

This course builds upon the material from the 1st Year OB Core (OB 5620, Foundations for Leadership Effectiveness) and, importantly, from your time so far at Olin and during your summer work experiences. The focus of the course is on the attributes, behaviors, and tendencies of effective leadership. There are two primary objectives:

  • Gain new insights into your own beliefs and expectations regarding what constitutes effective leadership in organizations. You will accomplish this through a mixture of classroom discussion, case analysis, and self-assessment.
  • Learn about your own strengths and weaknesses in leading others. You will accomplish this in the classroom through controlled experiential exercises, which will be the basis for feedback from your peers. You will also reflect in depth on your strengths using feedback provided by people you have encountered in your life and career through a structured exercise.