Package version of zoomGroupStats

Thank you all for the encouragement and feedback on the initial version of zoomGroupStats. I can’t believe it’s been a little over a year since I posted the first set of functions in the early days of COVID-19. Following the suggestions of several users, I took some time this past week to build this out as a more structured R package.

Accompanying the package, you will find a multi-part guide for conducting research using Zoom and using zoomGroupStats to analyze Zoom meetings using R.

The best way to use this resource currently, because I am actively building out new functionality, is to install it through my github repository. To do so:

install_github("", force=TRUE)

I’ll be updating the documentation, guidance videos, and adding further functionality in the weeks ahead. The best resource for zoomGroupStats going forward will be a dedicated package site, which you can access at

Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming!

Meeting Measures: Feedback from Zoom

I created a website to give feedback to people on their virtual meetings. This website ( relies on the code I’ve shared in past posts on how to quantify virtual meetings. The purpose of the site is to (a) unobtrusively capture people’s behavior in virtual meetings, (b) give people feedback on their presence and contributions in virtual meetings, and (c) suggest ways to improve their leadership and/or engagement in virtual meetings. There are currently options to incorporate survey data into the dashboard, as well.

This was a fun project to build. So far, I’ve administered > 100 meetings through the website. If you are interested in partnerships that involve the potential for research on virtual meeting behavior, please reach out.