Recurrence Quantification Analysis

This page has some wonderful resources for recurrence analysis. One particularly useful resource on this site is the listing of software options for conducting recurrence analysis. After a fair amount of searching, I couldn’t find an R package that computed the metrics from a recurrence quantification analysis. The tseriesChaos package provides a function for producing recurrence plots; but, I didn’t see anything for quantifying these plots.

After digging through the different software options listed on this site, I tried out and really like the Commandline Recurrence Plots script offered by Norbert Marwan himself.

The script was very easy to setup on my Mac and, by using Rscript it was easy to combine with R code to (a) draw specific chunks of data for different individuals in my dataset; (b) compute and output the recurrence quantification metrics; (c) output the recurrence plot dataset for creating the actual plot; and, (d) producing the plot and creating a dataset of metrics.

I’ll clean up, comment, and post the code that I used as soon as I can come up for air.