Batch convert videos and reduce filesize

*Must have ffmpeg to run the code below

#!/bin/bash<br />for i in *.MPG<br />do <br />    ffmpeg -i ${i/.*/}.MPG -qscale 2.5 ${i/.*/}.mp4<br />    # ffmpeg -i $i.MPG -sameq $i.mp4<br />done<br />

Using WinBUGS with R on a Mac

<br />require(MCMCpack)<br />require(arm)<br />p1<-bugs(, p.inits, p.parms, "{MODEL-FILENAME}.bug", n.chains=3, n.iter=5000,"/Applications/WinBUGS14", useWINE=TRUE,"{WORKING-DIRECTORY}", debug=TRUE)<br />

Connect R to a MAMP MySQL Database

# NOTE: Edited since originally published due to a change in R...<br />require(RMySQL)<br />con &lt;- dbConnect(MySQL(), username="{USERNAME}", host="localhost", dbname="{DATABASE}", password="{PASSWORD}", unix.sock="/Applications/MAMP/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock")<br />res <- code="" con="" dat="" dbsendquery="" fetch="" from="" res=""><br /></->